Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

Perhaps the rent in the city is getting so competitive, even the woodland creatures feel like they can’t leave the trees they call home for fear they won’t find another abode. Thus they’re simply claiming their territory and locking up to prevent those pesky tech industry mice from pushing out the local residents because they have more cheese!  Or perhaps the crime in the city is getting to the squirrels who just want to rest assured that their acorns will be there when they come home from a long day of teasing dogs into thinking their K-9 teeth can actually catch one of them.



This little door was found in the Concourse in Golden Gate Park.  The Richmond District Blog posted these two images sent in by a reader.


Whoever made this little door, I applaud their whimsical creativity.  Thank you for taking my mind off of grading papers and allowing it instead to think of mice dressed up in overalls, with a little tool belt, hammering away at this little piece of wood to make a door that will be just right.


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