The Quote Board: What would Michael Kors Say?

“I cant believe he/she threw me under the bus!” – Everyone on project runway, all seasons


“Do you want to go to a Superbowl party?” – Nathan

“When is it?” –Kris

“That’s the one party you can’t ask that question” – Mel

 Later, sometime in spring

“If I think about a Danish, I want a Danish.” – Nathan

“Being uncomfortable around your hairstylist is the worst.” –Yasmine

“Huh?  What did you not say?” – Nathan

“Coral reef – it’s like the downtown of the fish world.” –Kris

“Bland and bland aren’t dating at this point.” – Mel on Gossip Girl

4/ 25/13

“This show is a little risqué for the Christian mingle viewer.” – Nathan

“A full moon for a full moron.” –Mel


What the NPR pledge drive hosts really want to say:

“Listen up free loaders, this is the richest city in the world.  Pull over that BMW and call us right now.  Are you seriously going to sign up for the lowest membership rate?  You pay more for socks!  You would have nothing interesting to talk about without us!”


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