Forever Vacation, Forever Funny

Here is what made Yasmine and I laugh during our 3 week trip to Turkey and Lebanon in June 2012.  We named the trip, “forever vacation” inspired by the name of our resort in Bodrum, the Forever Club.

*Note: There are some quotes without authorship here.  Yasmine and I are pretty similar especially when it comes to our sense of humor so I often forget who said it, she or I.  “Get out of my head” is a common Yasmine saying when we’re together. 

Night 1:

  1. “YOTO: You Only Turkey Once” – Yasmine
  2. “Fart omelet” – Melissa, describing the smell of certain streets
  3. “Pre-meditated outfit”
  4. “One tuck and one no tuck” – Melissa

Boat Tour, June 12, 2012:

  1. Dolphin rape caves (Yasmine explained this horror to me as we watched dolphins jumping in and out of the Bosporus.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012:

  1. “I want to throw away this cookie ad” – Yasmine at Doubletree Hilton in Moda complaining that we never got our cookies.
  2. “Nicey nicey” (Code words for “you’re really annoying me right now” or “stop being a jerk.” It’s a nuanced difference. Mom came up with it but it caught on quickly with the rest of the family.  Funny side note to this funny note: Auntie Sibel asked if “nicey, nicey” is an American expression because she isn’t familiar with it.  No, it’s not.  It’s a Momism, our favorite kind of expression!)
  3. “Meatbrush: toothbrush kebab”
  4. “Where did he go?” -Mom referencing Uncle Izet during our 6 foot kebab dinner.  “We ate him” -Yasmine

Friday, June 15, 2012: Istanbul Shopping Fest!

The “Istanbul Shopping Fest” was going on while we were there and during our first and only trip to a “mall,” the jingle played non-stop.  That song still gets stuck on my head!

  1. “Reverse monopoly: you win when you’re out of lira!”
  2. “Pants mania: endless pants cycle”
  3. “Pants therapist” (aka Yasmine’s role in the dressing room)
  4. “Pants Twilight Zone”

Sunday, June 17: Two Day Pilgrimage to Virgin Mary’s tomb

  1. We had to fast to see the Virgin Mary (we were in the car for 10 hours without a meal.  At that point, we were used to eating every 15 mins).
  2. “Isn’t Nathan’s mom religious?  Might be a good idea to get her something from here.” –Yasmine, professional girlfriend.  Note: Start business, certify people as good girlfriends.
  3. “Four Stars,” says Forever Club
  4. “SALT, SALT, SALT, SALT and it’s not even the O-cean!” – Yasmine
  5. Remix: “BEACH, BEACH, BEACH, BEACH and it’s not even the O-cean!”  -Yasmine

Monday, June 18: First day at Forever Club in Bodrum (after one night’s sleep)

  1. “Even Turkish children stay up later than Melissa” Yasmine in reference to children playing on the playground around 9 or 10pm.  We passed by them when walking in town, looking for a happening club to get a drink.

Friday, June 29: Back in Istanbul and back at the Hilton.

  1. “ROOM, ROOM, ROOM, ROOM and it’s not even that awk-ward!”

One week in Lebanon:

It’s not that Lebanon was less funny than Turkey but by the time we hit Lebanon, we were exhausted so we were less diligent about writing things down.

  1. “I’ll cook you a Lebanese breakfast” chef at the Golden Tulip walks out with fried eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers
  2. While driving in Beirut on a major street, we spot chickens walking in middle of the road and then see a man pull over to load one in his car.  We slowed down to ask him if these are his chickens and he said no but he wanted to bring one home to his wife to make for dinner.  Apparently, they fell off a truck!
  3. After seeing Boli drinking arak, Yasmine asks for child size arak.
  4. “Yasminanator” – Melissa teasing Yasmine’s freakish looking buff arms in a photo of us clinking glasses at lunch after the boat ride (see photo below)

1 Leb Yas arms

Yasmine laughing at the photo of herself as “Yasminanator”

1 Yas laughing


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