Tis (just about) the Season

While I am a fairly untraditional girl by some standards (I prefer the gritty to the cheesy, jeans to jewelry and The Sopranos to The Real Housewives), there is a time and a place for tradition in my adult female life.  That time is now and the place is a pumpkin farm in Half Moon Bay.

For the last four Octobers, Nathan and I have visited a pumpkin farm (it has to be a farm, not a patch) and that farm has to be in Half Moon Bay.  This visit marks the start of fall for me, and the home stretch to Christmas.  Not only do I stock up on all my pumpkin and gourd needs, I also treat myself to something deep fried at Cameron’s pub, our traditional lunch stop.

This year, Thaomy, Paolo and baby J joined us.  Although I must say that I don’t need a two year old as an excuse to make the trip, J’s cuteness was definitely a highlight.

IMG_3163 IMG_3164
IMG_3183 IMG_3208 IMG_3217 IMG_3223 IMG_3242IMG_3312 IMG_3274 IMG_3301 IMG_3320 IMG_3340 IMG_3358

How cute is that picture of J trying to push the wheel barrow?!  Thaomy dressed her up as the Morton’s “Salt Girl” (go check out the image on the container) so she would be photo shoot ready at the farm.  Last year J was a piece of sushi for Halloween.  Loving Thaomy’s creativity!

Once home, I set aside the pumpkin I picked for carving (which will be placed on my stoop when ready) and proceeded to officially introduce fall into the apartment.

IMG_3370 IMG_3375 IMG_3377 IMG_3378 IMG_3379

I absolutely love seasonal decor, especially in a city like SF where you never know exactly when you are. Since the weather in SF does not change much year round, seasonal decor nicely marks the passage of time. It serves as a visual marker of the season but it also releases in you all the memories you have of that season.  The bowl of gourds is really just the first stop on association lane.  It reminds me of the way my mom decorates our home for the holidays and the way she literally lives in the kitchen my entire stay at home, making sure I have all my favorites to eat.  When I was growing up, every holiday it was always my mom and aunts in the kitchen all day and all night, and now when I go home, I join my mom’s side as we make our traditional favorites: stuffed eggplant, hummus, tabouli, roast duck, leg of lamb, almond rice…

Now that I have my own home, I love carrying on her tradition of decorating the place only at Halloween and Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and New Year’s Eve, always leaving the tree up long enough to be enjoyed on my birthday on January 5th (and when we had a fake tree, sometimes long enough to be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day). My mom was never one for Easter or fourth of July decorations. One of the cool things about being an adult is combining the traditions you inherit from your parents with the new ones you create with your own little family. Since the Half Moon Bay tradition is the first one Nathan and I started together, I hope that wherever life takes us, a pumpkin farm is just a short drive away.


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